Why Important app development now a day?

Today, when you our mobile phones have become our personal assistants, applications are the new way of experiencing reality. Weather you are clicking a picture for Instagram or booking a cab to work, mobile apps are a HUGE help. But do you ever wonder how these applications are made?

Each season, a lot of different mobile designs are launched, but still there’s a big possibility that you either carrying an Android or an apple. Although there are many mobile OS’s active today like, Android, iOS, windows, Blackberry, Tizen etc.; there are only two competitors that lead the game- iOS and Android.

These two platforms are the most widely used ones all around the globe. While apple has its own private empire, Android is an open-source OS. There is an interesting struggle for the top, but both iOS and Android have millions of apps that billions of people use everyday. Both keep pushing the envelope to drive a bit farther, for better results and customer satisfaction. Applications for both platforms are developed with specific tools unique to that platform. While Android developers use JAVA, iOS developers use Objective-c. Both platform have different SDK’s and accompanying development tools. The development process is equally interesting and scope equally huge on each side. So how do these developers go about making an app? I will try, to simplify-

First ingredient in application development is of course- “The Idea”

Your idea is the soul of your mobile application. The better and unique the idea, more chances there are that it’ll be received well. It should be conceived keeping in mind a specific purpose like, for Chatting app, E-commerce app, Gaming app, and so on. Then there comes the research. You research any to everything about that particular area, to get a good idea of what you want to focus on specifically. After that, you figure out the UI and Ux design.

If you are making a native application you are going to have to choose a specific platform like iOS, Android, Blackberry and so on. Here you need to know your “Target audience”. These are folks who are most likely to use your product. They are who you need to know. Some questions you should ask yourself are- What do they like, what makes them happy, what do they want and, what is the best way to get it to them. This will help you a lot while coming up with the UI/Ux wire frames. You can assess your wire frame with a prototyping tool like Invisionapp.

In the next step, you begin the code to prepare a body for the UI/Ux suit that you’ve prepared. With each platform, come unique SDK’s and sets of other accompanying tools. WIth the help of these you start coding.

After the code is complete, the initial model is tested and any issues that arise are fixed.

After the finalization of the code, the app is published on – Play store- for iOS

And Google play- for Android.

After that, the marketing for your app and the backend management is something that is an ongoing process as long as your app is live.

If you are thinking of developing an app yourself, first thing to do is-learn a language. Depending on what platform you want to code for, you can learn a language. Mobile App development comes after that.

You can also contact any mobile application development agency to do the work for you. Make sure that you do good research on people you are about to hire.

We here at code-brew believe every good idea, if executed properly, can achieve success. Our designs are made keeping in mind your target user-mindset and we make sure that they get a unique experience every time.

For mobile application and analytics solutions,and for more information, feel free to contact us. Let us make the tomorrow together!


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